Exploring the

Cueva de los Tayos

Tayos is an expedition exploring the Cueva de los Tayos; a vast and extraordinary cave system in the south-eastern rainforests of Ecuador through visual art, music, photography and literature. Alongside the work of scientists and cave cartographers, Tayos aims to explore the geological, ecological, cultural, historical and phenomenological landscape of the caves and galvanise the call for their protection.

We feel that building awareness of the caves through creative as well as scientific work is vitally important in reaching new audiences and bringing fresh insights on the extraordinary nature of this otherworldly landscape.

Through exhibition, publication and performance, we hope to tell the story of this superlative environment, its exceptional natural beauty and why it deserves protection. The Tayos creative expedition will take place in August 2018.

Follow the story of the team's creative response to the caves and learn more about the campaign to protect the caves at www.tayos.org or sign up to our newsletter.



Moves are now being made to designate Cueva de los Tayos as a UNESCO World Heritage site: assisting the Shuar in their guardianship of the caves and galvanising the 3D mapping, geological and speleological research being carried out. The campaign for UNESCO designation is spear-headed by Dr Theo Toulkeridis (geologist, volcanologist & Coordinator of Geosciences at the University San Fransisco de Quito) who leads the annual research expedition to Cueva de los Tayos.

From their experiences and observations in the caves the creative team will produce work to be exhibited and published as part of the drive to raise awareness of the UNESCO World Heritage bid.


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