Come join us in the adventure and exploration of this story and its many dimensions!

I have spent the past ten years studying my father's work and research which encompasses much more than the story of the Treasure of Tayu. I look forward to sharing the various levels that this story and my father's philosophies touch upon. My family and I have designed the content to take our audience on a wondrous journey from the bowels of the earth to the limitless cosmos is search for our inner and outer treasures. Through our newsletter we will be sharing new content, stories, updates as well as some exciting projects that we are in the process of developing!

We have been asked various times how people can financially support the expeditions and exploration work so we have added a donations box to the website to help us do just that (see below). We appreciate any amount given, if every person who visited our website donated $10 we would have enough money to fully fund our next expedition in August 2018!

We thank you for your support and look forward to the expansion of this quest as a community of guardians!

With love & light,

The hall family


Whether you are an individual or a company your support for the Tayos project will make a big difference. Help take the team to Tayos and aid us in our mission to raise awareness of this beautiful and fragile environment. 100% of your donations go to funding expedition expenses for the Tayos team and delivering the creative work to be produced as part of the UNESCO World Heritage bid in 2020. We are deeply grateful for your support in helping us to raise awareness of the Cueva de los Tayos and galvanising the call for their protection.